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5 Questions for Nina, the founder of Energieliebe®

I'm glad you're here and interested in my story.

I'm Christina (everyone calls me Nina), the founder of Energieliebe®. Before I tell you something about me that will bore you, I'd rather answer the many questions I've been asked at tastings in supermarkets, at trade shows, as well as online that seem to be of real burning interest to you.

1. What did you do before you started your company Energieliebe®?

Actually, I come from finance (which was too dry for me 😊).

During my career I specialized in Human Resources and Legal and worked in this field for several companies.

2. How does one come up with the idea to develop an "innovative" energy drink?

During my professional career, I must have consumed a truckload of energy drinks...😏 I gave little thought to the ingredients at the time. When I worked in the very stressful aviation industry, I also had contact with pilots. One of these pilots had done quite a bit of research on nutrition/providing for the body in extreme situations. He was frequently deployed in crisis/war zones with poor nutrition and sleep deficit. After the usual energy drinks showed more negative than positive effects, he mixes his "own" energy drink from various natural ingredients without artificial additives and with natural caffeine from guarana and green tea. I have taken over this "basic recipe", harmonized or supplemented the ingredients and thus developed a worldwide unique wake-up drink. Energieliebe® is good for you and additionally supplies your body with the most important vitamins.

3. How long does it take to develop such a drink?

The development of Energieliebe® was very complex and took more than 3 years. There were always new rounds of development and also setbacks. But my claim was to use natural and high-quality ingredients. Fortunately, I had one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of natural ingredients at my side. He always believed in my idea during the development and supported me. When I also got the chance to switch from the PET bottle to the more sustainable Tetra cardboard packaging, this was the last "big" milestone in the development.

4. Developing a product and also such a complex drink, surely costs a lot of money?

Oh yaaa...😀 But I always believed in my idea and was uncompromising - that's why I invested all my savings in Energieliebe®. Over time, I was also able to get investors excited about my idea. As a result, I can finally really take off in 2023 and make Germany "sustainably awake" with Energieliebe® 💚

5. Nina, why don't you go to Höhle der Löwen?

Laugh 😆 Good idea - I was actually already on HdL with Energieliebe® (though still with the PET bottle). What I didn't know: If the lions are invested in similar products among themselves, the others don't go into comparable products either - so no cannibalization. That's why I wasn't sent, unfortunately.

So, that's it from me... If you are interested in anything else, please feel free to contact me by mail.

Kind regards Nina

P.s. The journey goes on - there will be exciting news soon.