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Story behind

Superfoods and helicopters? Find out how that fits together in our story behind.

Alexander Neumann, part of the team who invented Energieliebe®, was a helicopter pilot on humanitarian aid missions around the world. Aid missions in Haiti, Kenya and South Sudan for aid organizations such as Ein Herz für Kinder, Red Cross, Médicines Sans Frontières.

Shifts of sometimes more than 12 hours without sufficient breaks and food were not uncommon. Added to this was the intense heat. At times it was up to 60 degrees in the cockpit of the helicopter. Flying and, above all, landing safely in buried, remote mountain villages or in civil war zones demanded the utmost concentration. In addition, Alexander had responsibility for the passengers on board and the mission to bring medical supplies and relief goods as well as food to the people in need.

No less strenuous and challenging were the helicopter overflights from Germany to Africa. During the flights, which lasted several days, there was just as little thought of natural nutrition and long breaks as during the missions for the aid organizations.

To stay awake and focused during the aid missions, Alexander consumed up to seven cans of the popular energy drinks daily. He quickly began to experience symptoms of intoxication, such as nausea, insomnia, tremors and rapid heartbeat.

In the following missions, he tried to mix a natural alternative from a wide variety of nutrient, mineral and vitamin powders. He also resorted to superfoods for the first time here. And who would be surprised, on a mission in Africa - African Superfoods. Alexander mixed the various food supplements with green or black tea for the purpose of adding caffeine. The effort involved was great - too great!

Suddenly he had an idea:

Why not develop a natural, vitamin-rich, energy-boosting awakener.

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